Deluxe Shea Butter® - Editorial - Label Magazine Autumn 2018

Autumn 2018 Skincare Essentials

April 25, 2018

Have you got your beauty essentials sorted for the Autumn season? As the weather starts to cool down and the air gets less humid, you’ll want to stay well moisturised to prevent skin dryness and cracking. We’re excited to see our Natural Moisturising Skincare Range featured in some great publications this year highlighting its many benefits:

Our Shea butter appeared in the Autumn Skincare MUST-HAVES of Woman’s Day!
It’s ideal for keeping commonly dry areas like elbows, knees, and cuticles hydrated and soft.

Deluxe Shea Butter® - Media - Feature - Woman's Day 05.03.2018

See us featured in Ocean Road Magazine’s Best Beauty Buys for Autumn 2018:
The healing properties of Shea butter can be especially useful in treating dry skin, psoriasis and eczema, stretch marks and wrinkles.

Deluxe Shea Butter® - 2018-03-27 Ocean Road Magazine Autumn 2018 spread

Our “Natural Ghana Gold” also appeared in Label Magazine’s Autumn 2018 issue:
Unrefined shea butter, known locally as nkuto butter, has been used as a botanical for thousands of years for cosmetic, nutritional and medicinal purposes. Rich in vitamins A, E, and F, as well as stearic and oleic acids, it’s great for dry skin, eczema, scars and more.

Deluxe Shea Butter - 2018-03-29 Label Magazine Autumn 2018 spread

Check out more reviews, editorial features, and videos on our Media page, and visit our Online Store to stock up on organic, unrefined shea butter and natural moisturising soaps to ensure your skin is well taken care of this season!

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