Why you should be using black soap

April 16, 2019

It’s been a long-kept secret by those in-the-know. Ghanaians have used black soap for centuries both on the skin and in the hair as a shampoo. Many swear by it both as a treatment for skin conditions and as an everyday soap.

Across generations, recipes for African black soap have been handed down, often kept secret. Varieties and recipes vary between regions and families and are usually handcrafted, meaning each bar of black soap has its own origin and its own story.

Made from locally-harvested Ghanaian plants like dried plantain skins, palm leaves and palm kernel oil, African black soap is the pure counterpoint to commercially-produced soaps that often contain artificial or unsustainable ingredients.

While its look may be a little unusual for those used to light-coloured, commercial soaps, it is full of substantial benefits for all skin types. And it’s these benefits that have made black soap a cherished item in the skincare routine of so many for so long.

But what makes African black soap so good for you?

1. It’s a natural source of vitamins

Good vitamins that your skin needs. Plantain skins are a great natural source of Vitamins A and E along with iron, meaning you don’t have to rely on artificial or unsustainable sources to get the good vitamins that your skin is craving.

2. It helps fight acne

If you’re one of the many people for whom acne and breakouts are an ongoing fight, you might have just found your best weapon. African black soap is antibacterial and doesn’t clog your pores with some research pointing to shea butter’s ability to repair damaged cells.

3. It helps protect against sun damage

Especially when paired with a skincare routine that incorporates unrefined shea butter, African black soap can help protect your skin from ageing. The sun is your skin’s biggest enemy when it comes to ageing. The antioxidants found in African black soap can help protect against this.

4. It can help minimise the appearance of stretch marks

Given African black soap’s high Vitamin E content, it’s said to help in reducing the prominence of both stretch marks and scars.

5. It moisturises

African black soap is not only good for people with skin conditions and irritations, its shea inclusion of shea butter as an active ingredient means that it’s also wonderfully moisturising for those with dry skin.

African Black Soap
On top of all of this, Deluxe Shea Butter’s African Black Soap is certified organic and fair trade meaning that you don’t need to worry about where the ingredients are coming from or what you’re doing to the earth by using it.

It’s time to shake up your skincare routine and give black soap a try today. Buy Deluxe Shea Butter’s African Black Soap here.

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